Exton Village 

Exton is a small village which lies within the South Downs National Park, on the West bank of the river Meon. The quaint village, originally called East Seaxena Tun in 940AD, is nestled between Old Winchester Hill to the East and Beacon Hill to the West, offering walkers stunning views wherever they look.
Following a loop-lane around the village, lined with beech and sycamore trees, you will pass picturesque cottages, a Grade II listed Church of St Peters & St Paul, as well as a quaint village pub called 'The Shoe', that serves excellent food.
There is much to do a little further afield, including a trip to the ancient town of Winchester, Alresford and Bishops Waltham.

The Manor's History

The Manor House became deeply implicated in sheltering itinerant Catholic priests during Elizabeth I’s reign in the 1560-80s. In 1580 the householder was detained in Winchester Gaol because his wife ‘was obstincie in her Poperie.’  He was released the following year, being not ‘hable to overrule his weife’s disposicion..... the obstacle being layed upon her own carcas’. Traces of the Tudor building remain in the present house built in the 17C.
Long standing folklore has it that the Manor ‘was granted to the executioner of King Charles I as a reward for his services’.... The King died on 30 Jan 1649. Robert Brandon, the executioner, died on 20 Jun that same year so he cannot have enjoyed the Manor for long.